The Movie Madhouse
The Movie Madhouse CK Causeplay Extravaganza

Part 2of4 recorded live at the 1st annual CK Causeplay, please enjoy!

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The Movie Madhouse CK Clauseplay Extravaganza Pt.1

Pt. 1 of 4 of the Movie Madhouse live recording at the first annual CK Causeplay and Gaming Extravaganza! Live guests and background noise galore!

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The Movie Madhouse Ep.36

The boys are back with their spin on this weeks box office numbers and talk about the upcoming movie and Bluray releases. Jason breaks his own record of getting his mic shut off by Rob, and once thats all settled they dive into this weeks discussion topic, Bromances!  Thank you for tuning in and please enjoy the show!

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The Movie Madhouse Ep.35

Mike, Rob and Jason are back with the box office break down after they check out how well they did with their Oscar picks. The discussions topic was Medieval movies and fantasy movies, the boys tried hard to get their Skype guest online but, alas, it was for naught.

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