The Movie Madhouse
The Movie Madhouse Podcast Ep.136

Mike, Rob and Jason do their year end wrap up and are joined by Writer/Director Gavin Michael Booth via Skype from Los Angeles to talk Star Wars and other great movies!


Its been a great year here at the Madhouse and we would like to thank each and everyone of you for giving us a chance to entertain you! We have some big plans for 2016 so stick with us and we will try to make you laugh!

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The Movie Madhouse Podcast Ep.135

*SPOILERS* Mike, Rob and *SPOILERS* Jason talk a lot about Star Wars The Force Awakens! *SPOILERS* If you're reading this before listening to the episode this is your *SPOILER ALERT!!* Consider yourself warned about this *SPOILERIFIC* episode! *SPOILERS*

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The Movie Madhouse Podcast Ep.134

Mike, Rob and Jason are back with a trailer filled episode this week, and, perhaps, Jason takes his first shot of whiskey, ever.

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Just when you thought we had run out of Blood in the Snow interviews Rob finds two hidden files! So, please enjoy the lost interviews (spooky eh?)

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The Movie Madhouse Podcast Ep.132

Mike, Rob and Jason are back to their regular format after the interview barrage from Blood in the Snow! Lots of cool news and trailers as we debate Doomsday, and the validity of John Candy being a demon!

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The Movie Madhouse Podcast Ep.131

And finally, Part 3 of the interviews done at the Blood in the Snow Canadian Horror Film Festival!  Thank you for listening and a huge thank you to Kelly Michael Stewart and Kirk Havilland for giving us the opportunity to talk with all the wonderful actors that came to the fest! 

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The Movie Madhouse Podcast Ep.130

Now for part 2 of the Movie Madhouse @Blood in the Snow Canadian Horror Film Festival interviews!

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The Movie Madhouse Podcast Ep.129

Welcome back everyone! Mike, Rob and Jason spend the weekend at the Blood in the Snow Canadian Horror Film Festival in Toronto and were extremely lucky enough to sit down with just about every movie star and movie maker at was in attendance! All the names will be posted on the website and on the Facebook pages, this will be a multipart episode due to all the great conversations we had!

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