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The Movie Madhouse Podcast Ep.145

Welcome to the LEAP YEAR EPISODE!! Do we have special plans for this show? Nope! But how often do you get to post a show on Leap Year Day?

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The Movie Madhouse Podcast Spotlight on Robert Nolan

The Movie Madhouse Spotlight shines bright on actor Robert Nolan, star of "Heir" and" Silent Retreat"!

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The Movie Madhouse Podcast Ep.144

Mike, Rob and Jason are back with their take on movie and everything else in pop culture!

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The Movie Madhouse Spotlight on Genoveva Rossi

Writer/Director and horror movie Scream Queen Genoveva Rossi is the in the Madhouse Spotlight today!

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The Movie Madhouse Podcast Ep.143

Mike is back from Nepal and gets back into the groove with Rob and Jason.

Oh yeah! Deadpool spoilers ahead!

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The Movie Madhouse Podcast Spotlight on Jason Mac

On the debut episode of The Movie Madhouse Spotlight, Rob sits one-on-one with the star of 'The Slaughter at Sumac Ditch' and the writer of the soon to be released 'All In', the one and only Jason Mac!

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The Movie Madhouse Podcast Ep.142

Jason and Rob are joined by the Writer/Director of "Save Yourself!" Ryan M. Andrews!

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The Movie Madhouse Podcast Ep. 141

Mike, Rob and Jason are joined today by the Writer/Director of the upcoming feature The Mongers, David K Montoya!

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