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There's something strange in your neighbourhood,

Who ya gonna call?

The Movie Madhouse Podcast!

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Podcast? We don't need no stinkin' podcast!


Whoa now pardner, you best be pinnin' The Movie Madhouse Podcast on your ears!

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Open the podcast bay door Hal.


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Obi-Wan-...thats not a moon...thats a podcast

Han-its too big to be a podcast!

Luke-i got a feeling to give it a good, honest listen.


Rob is joined by Steve Kasan this week!

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10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1...We Have PODCAST!!

Rob and Jason explore the outter reaches of movies and pop culture.

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The Movie Madhouse Podcast is the name, podcasting is the game!

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Movies and tv and Pop culture!


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These guys, with the talking, and the movies and the pop culture!, you know, theses guys!

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Mike, Rob, and Jason are again with their take on movies and tv and pop culture.

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Mike, Jason, Rob, talk, Facebook streaming, mysterious stomping, more talk, laughing, fun, show end, see you next week.

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Mike and Jason pry Rob away from stealing Fallout 4 power armours just long enough to record another kick ass podcast!

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The full crew is back with a fun filled episode!

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Janet, Jack and Chrissy aint got nothing on Mike, Rob and Jason!

Pop culture, movies, books, podcasts, you name it they talked about it!

Thanks so very much for downloading the show!

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The Wonder Twins and Gleek are back again with a good discussion about Wonder Woman that some how leads to a heated debate about Stevia (i don't know either, just blame Jason). All this and more talk about movies and tv and podcasts and pop culture!


As always, thank you for downloading the show!

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (we're not sure who's who so you decide) of podcasting are back with a fun filled episode with movie and pop culture chitchat!

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The Madhouse Spotlight light shines brightly on the movie Anti-Social 2 reviewed by Rob Bellamy!

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Our heroes bust out the movie projector and do a View and Review of the special black & white version of the smash hit Logan!

So sync up your copy with the boys and enjoy their commentary of Logan Noir!

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You want scheduling nightmares? We got your scheduling nightmares! Mike and Jason finally find some time to sit down and talk, unfortunately Rob was called away on family business.

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Rob's back from CKX and Shock Stock.

Jason's back from his luxurious cruise.

Mike's back from...nothing really.

The gang is back together to talk movie and pop culture goodness!

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Rob shines the Madhouse Spotlight on Hounds of Love!

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Jason's Last Episode

Well, until he gets back from his cruise. Trailers are watched, movies are talked about, tv shows are talked about, its the stuff you've grown to love about us!

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Actor/stuntman Bo Jefferies joins Mike, Rob and Jason as they celebrate 200 episodes in the best way they know how, with a show filled with movie reviews, tv reviews, pop culture and Jason bashing!


We here would like to offer our deepest thank you to each and every one of you that has taken the time to give this show "a good, honest listen". We are forever grateful and humbled that you find us entertaining and informative each and every week, its because of you that we look forward to each recording session! Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts and we will see you all at episode 400!


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Inching ever closer to a new milestone, Mike, Rob and Jason share their take on movies, tv and pop culture for the week!


Thanks for listening!

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Mike, Rob and Jason are inching ever to their newest milestone, but, in the mean time they bring you new and reviews of movie and tv and pop culture!

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Mike, Jason and Rob share their take on movies, tv and pop culture!

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This episode is LOGAN-RIFIC! 

Consider that your spoiler warning!

Mike, Rob and Jason spend a lot of time talking about Logan, and its well deserved time. They also talk about other movies and pop culture, but mostly talk about Logan.

You see the trend here?

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The Madhouse Spotlight shines brightly on the Black Fawn movie "Let Her Out" reviewed by Robert Bellamy!

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Mike, Rob and Jason are back to chat about movies, tv and all things pop culture related!

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The Madhouse Spotlight shine brightly on the movie "Two Married People." reviewed by Rob Bellamy!

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Jason, Rob and Mike discuss movies, tv, podcasts, books and anything else pop culture related!

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Jason and Mike share stories about what they watched and read and listened to this week over a couple drinks!

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The Movie Madhouse BITS 2016 Interview Series Part 3

The long awaited (sorry) Part 3 of the interview series conducted by Rob at the 2016 Blood In The Snow movie festival!

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The Movie Madhouse Podcast Ep.192

The gang is back together! Mike, Rob and Jason finally make it to the table all at the same time to talk movies, tv, pop culture and books!

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The Movie Madhouse Podcast Ep.191

Mike and Jason make with the movie and pop culture talk this week!

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The Madhouse Spotlight shines brightly on actress and headline guest at CKX 2017, Rochelle Davis!

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Mike, Rob and Jason are Live in your Bar once again!

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The Movie Madhouse Spotlight on Streamer!

The Movie Madhouse Spotlight shines brightly on the indie movie Streamer!

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The Movie Madhouse Spotlight on Night Cries!

The Movie Madhouse Spotlight shines brightly on the cast of Night Cries!

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The Movie Madhouse Podcast Ep.189

Once again your intrepid podcast adventurers return from the pop culture jungles with reviews and trailers!

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The Movie  Madhouse Podcast Ep.188

Mike, Rob and Jason are LIVE In Your Bar!

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The Movie Madhouse Podcast Ep.187

Mike and Jason are at the wheel this week as Rob is busy pretending he's an Uber driver to the stars.

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The Movie Madhouse Spotlight on The Shelter!

The Madhouse Spotlight shines brightly on the cast of the new short movie, The Shelter!

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The Movie Madhouse Podcast Ep.186

Mike and Rob kick off 2017's first show with no Jason, he had a family thing, but they carried on with reviews and discussion, until Anthony Miller dropped by and sat in for the rest of the show.

Have a great 2017 everyone, thank you for continuing to support us and we will make this year even better than last year!

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