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James and Rob get ready for Episode 300 by talking about what they had seen as well as their topic of Theatrical Bombs that became classics. Plus a special 2 minute clip of the Vicious Circle Podcast.

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The road to 300 begins! Jason, James and Rob are all together discussing some of the most recent films to be watched, including Madness in the Method, as well as a ton of others! Oh, and James gets fired....again!

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In a very special episode of the Madouse, Rob sits down with WWE and WCW legend Sid Eudy, the incredible Sid Vicious. Sid talks about growing up, his hobbies and life in the wrestling world. He also discusses his new podcast soon to be launched.

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James is MIA as Jason and Rob talk about the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Down Periscope! They also embark on their own Tusk moment!

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