The Movie Madhouse (general)

James is MIA as Jason and Rob talk about the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Down Periscope! They also embark on their own Tusk moment!

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A triple interview special. Rob sits down with actor from the great state of Texas Jeff Davis, sound designer and voice actor Kennedy Phillips and finally actor and producer Brian Elder

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James and Rob basically focus on the MCU for this episode bring up some important deaths and a bunch of unanswered questions.

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James and Jason take the helm this week and bring a ton of different topics out of their rabbit holes!

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This week is a bonus double episode. Jason takes on a brave solo mission and the Rob and his son Cameron talk about Spiderman: Far From Home and horror movies

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Jason, James and Rob sit down for another View and Review. Enjoy Pump Up the Volume!

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Jason, James and Rob are together again and discuss sooooooo many things from the suspicious deaths of some celebrities to the Art in the Park event they just hosted, and so much in between.

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A special episode where Rob talks to Middagh Goodwin, the man behind Graffiti-Con in Medesto Californis (and the soundtrack for the Black Fawn release The Ranger!)

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Jason, James and Rob are finally together again and so, of course, this show is a jumble of topics!

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This is our international Episode! First an interview with Giuseppe Lentini, all the way from England. Then, back with more hilarity from down under, Australia's Gough who can be found at 

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James flies solo for this one getting caught up on some very interesting titles!

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Coming out on June 18th on DVD & Bluray is Black Fawn's Film Bed of the Dead. It is also available now on Black Fawn's VOD service. Here James and Rob present their View & Review of Bed of the Dead. Grab your copy, cue it up and enjoy!

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James and Rob finally talk Endgame! Oh and a little time for Cobra Kia.

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This is our Texas episode. Two interviews from the state where everything is bigger. First we talk with Shanna Toft, a writer, actor, producer with a lot coming up. And then we talk to the father and son duo of Corey and Austin Foxx. Austin is a 12 year old who has just wrapped directing the first script he wrote.

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CKX 2019 Monster Pod episode. One note: It appears our incredible guest Becky Shrimpton from the Royal Canadian Movie Podcast did not have her mic on. She can still be heard but it is faint and we apologize!! We hope you enjoy!

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James, Jason and Rob were a touch busy so we present two interviews that we got to do. Actors Eric James Morris and Eddie Deezen

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James and Jason are off running around so it's a solo mission for Rob. But Rob doesn't do solo. Rob welcomes David K Montoya back home to the madhouse. They discuss the origin of the magazine World of Myth and get caught up on life!

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We will just call this our Squirrel episode. We are all over the place!

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Jason, James and Rob start out by discussing Springfield, Kentucky, The James Bond III Film Festival and the webseries Hit! Then they dive right in to an great big pile of rabbit holes!

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James and Rob start a chat about old TV show theme songs and end up discussing spin-offs. We also chat a bit about an up coming Charity screening and a surprise talk with Paul McGillion

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The Boys are back together!! They talk about the Oscars, The Razzies, oh , and even a little bit about Annie! 

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First Jason, now James, alone in the studio? What is this world coming to??

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Episode_274.mp3
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Jason is alone. That is all.

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Rob has some special guests in for this one. After filming parts of the JX3 Media's project 'The Guardian' in studio are Geoff MacDonald, one of the lead actors and Peter Demitroff, creator of the story.

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James and Rob discuss the upcoming year of film. They also do a deep dive into the new Spidey film.

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Jason and James helm the episode on their own this week while Rob is buried under piles of spring cleaning. (yes in January)

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James and Rob kick off the episode recapping the Golden Globes and the present Part 2 of the films of 2018

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James flies solo for the second time! Apparently lightning does strike twice!

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The holidays always get crazy so enjoy this View & Review we had saved for just such an occasion. James, Jason and Rob discuss... Near Dark.

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For a special Christmas edition All three guys are together to talk about the films of 2018. This is everything from January to June! So, Part 1!

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James takes control on his first solo outing!! Schedules and holidays got in the way so James decided to man this one solo! Sit back and enjoy! (Be gentle, it's his first one! )

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Jason and James are flying solo again. They catch up on all their watching, including some love for Letterkenny.

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This episode Rob sits down with Gough, Australia‚Äôs premiere comedic film maker. His new short, Prostitution - The Untold Story is available at 

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Rob is back and he and James talk about Blood in the Snow 2018 and the Walking Dead. There may even be a couple other items thrown in.

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James and Jason take the reigns on this episode so i have no idea what you will get.

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Episode_261.mp3
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For the Halloween episode James and Rob talk a little Walking Dead and finish part 2 of some incredible horror films!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhose_Episode_260.mp3
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James and Rob catch up after James long time away and then dive into the first part of this scary movie twp parter!James and Rob catch up after James long time away and then dive into the first part of this scary movie twp parter!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhose_Episode_259.mp3
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Matt and Will are the co-hosts for part 2 of the amazing 80's

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Episode_258.mp3
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This week Jason and Rob are joined by Matt and Will Cartier for their topic, Movies of the 80's!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Episode_257.mp3
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This week Jason, James and Rob are joined by Rochelle Davis for a free for all of Picks, hits, misses and even a little Crow trivia tossed in.

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James, Jason and Rob are all together to share some interesting thoughts on the Super Duper cut of Deadpool 2 and to finish off the second part of Special editions topic!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Episode_255.mp3
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Rob was forced to take a break but he and James had this little gem set aside! Here is their review of The Meg! There may (IS) be spoilers!

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James and Rob catch up on the movies james has seen and the film Rob watched. Then they start the first of a two part topic, Theatrical cuts vs alternate cuts.

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Jason, James and Rob sit down and catch up about past watches, and Rob gets in trouble for Letterkenny. Then they dive into the topic of westerns.

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Jason, James and Rob celebrate the 250th episode with guests Jeff O'Rourke from the Time Well Wasted podcast, and Movie Madhouse favorite Gavin Michael Booth. There was a small technical issue so the episode starts after 20 minutes of chat! We hope you enjoy our big episode.

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Episode_250.mp3
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James and Rob get ready for the next 250th episode by discussing some films they have recently watched and then diving into the career of Ridley Scott

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Episode_249.mp3
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James and rob talk about some local film with The Demolisher, The Drownsman and Zandavi Lives and wrap up talking about the Power houses of franchises.

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Episode_248.mp3
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Jason and Rob are joined this week by Peter Demitroff to talk about his script, The Guardian, that JX3 will be filming. Plus there is the count down on the MCU actors that are staying and leaving the franchise.

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Episode_247.mp3
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James and Rob tackle the big things today dipping into a little JFK and Biggie-Tupac controversy. Then they get to the topic this week, Jeff Goldblum.

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Jason, James and Rob have a chat with Australian film maker gough, a man legally blind making comedy gold with his production company Beernuts Productions.

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Episode_245.mp3
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James and Rob talk a little about Hostiles and It Came From The Desert, and then jump right into this weeks topic... Halloween!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Episode_244.mp3
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Jason, James and Rob get together to discuss Deadpool 2, Solo and the topic of the day... Guy Richie.

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Episode_243.mp3
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Schedules have messed things up again so this week we present the final of 3 episodes of 'View From the Projection Booth'

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Episode_242.mp3
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Jason is back and the boys chat a bit about some blockbusters, Infinity War and Deep Blue Sea 2. Then the boys talk about all the cancelled and renewed shows coming up and finally all about Colin Farrell.

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Episode_241.mp3
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James and Rob kick off the new format discussing Black Fawn Films, West World and NCIS. Then they get to the topic of the show; The MCU, from 2008 to date!!

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The boys of the madhouse are off studying, getting ready for the big episode next week. So today we present a second episode of the View from the Projection Booth by James and Rob

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The last part of the CKX Monster Pod

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Episode_238_Part_3.mp3
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Part 2 of the Monster Pod!!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Episode_238_Part_2.mp3
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Welcome to the first Monster Pod! Time Well Wasted podcast joined us at CKX 2018 and helped bring an atmosphere of fun!! We hope you enjoy the next few segments that we recorded. We apologize for the buzz that seems to in the recording!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Episode_238.mp3
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James and Rob get ready for CKX and thoroughly go through the cast list of Avengers: Infinity War

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Episode_237.mp3
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Schedules are crazy so this week the Madhouse presents an episode of 'View from the Projection Booth', a pod that James and Rob started before James was absorbed into the Madhouse collective. Hope you enjoy!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Episode_236.mp3
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James and Rob talk a little CKX 2018 as well as some of the movies they've seen and some they want to see.

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Episode_235.mp3
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Jason and Rob helm this episode as James is off enjoying a lot of birthday alcohol! Happy Birthday James!!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Episode_234.mp3
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Jason, James and Rob are back to discuss, among things Letterkenny and the MCU. As wee the first shots are fired in the Avengers/ Justice League war! 

Direct download: Episode_233.mp3
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Rob and track while you watch it again.James have their first View and Review together watching The Autopsy of Jane Doe. Make sure you watch it first and then enjoy this accompanying

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Episode_232.mp3
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Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Podcast_Ep.227.mp3
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The Young Jason, Solo Adventures!

(the comma saves us from being sued)

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Podcast_Ep.226.mp3
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Podcast? We don't need no stinkin' podcast!


Whoa now pardner, you best be pinnin' The Movie Madhouse Podcast on your ears!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhosue_Podcast_Ep.224.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:50pm EDT

Open the podcast bay door Hal.


Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Podcast_Ep.223.mp3
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A little behind the scenes recording as we shoot scenes for Jason's short movie.

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse-Birth_of_a_Hollywood_Bomb..mp3
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Jason and Tom return and talk more gaming.

Direct download: The_Why_Are_We_Friends_Podcast_Ep.2.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse presents The Why Are We Friends Podcast

Mike and Rob are MIA so jason takes the reigns and comes up his very own podcast show, The Why Are We Friends Podcast! Jason sits down with his good friend Tom Leatherdale to shoot the breeze about gaming and whatever else they can think of.

Thank you for listening!

Direct download: The_Why_Are_We_Friends_Podcast_Ep.1.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse Ep.52

Mike, Rob and Jason are back with the movie and pop culture news you know and love.

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Ep.52.mp3
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View and Review of Guardians of the Galaxy

Mike, Rob and Jason take the show on the road and go see Guardians of the Galaxy at a super awesome theatre then record their thoughts on the flick on the drive back home.  This is a spoiler heavy show so consider yourself warned if you havent seen the movie yet.  And in a very sad bit of breaking news actor/comedian Robin Williams has died at the age of 63 from an apparent suicide, RIP Robin.

Direct download: View_and_Review_Guardians_of_the_Galaxy.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse Ep. 50

Mike, Rob and Jason are back again with a....combative episode. Mike is in a terrible mode after an identity theft situation, but the boys manage to get through the show with no bodily harm done (for the most part).

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Ep._50.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse Ep.49

Mike, Rob and Jason are back once again to talk movie and tv and pop culture and verbal abuse, all the things you love!  Thank you for downloading the show!

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The Movie Madhouse Ep.48

Mike's back, Rob's back, even Jason is back! No pod fading here just movie, tv and pop culture goodness! Thank you for downloading the show!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Ep.48.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse Ep.47

Mike and Rob are back for another week of the movie talk.  Wheres Jason you ask? Well due to a scheduling conflict Jay just couldnt make it this time around. But have no fear, he shall make his come back soon!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Ep.47.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse

Mike, Rob and Jason are back again for your listening pleasure.  In the last show recorded at the studio....apartment, they bring some news and opinion on the latest from Hollywood.  On to the brand new studio!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Ep.46.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse Ep.45

Welcome to season two of The Movie Madhouse! Mike, Rob and Jason are back with more news and opinion on the latest movies and pop culture. Thank you for listening and dont forget to email us some feedback at

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Ep.45.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse Ep.44

Welcome to the one year aniversary show of the Movie Madhouse! We are doing nothing special for it! Mike, Rob and Jason sit around and talk movies and pop culture. Thank you for downloaded the show and give us a listen!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Ep.44.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse Ep.43

Mike, Rob and Jason are back again with a technical  issue free episode! News, opinion, and verbal abuse abound!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Ep.43.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse Ep.42

Finally! After days of technical issues, two laptops, crappy formats and much MUCH swearing Mike, Rob and Jason get episode 42 out on the dance floor! Please enjoy!

Direct download: Movie_Madhouse_42.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse Ep.41

News and chatter from Mike, Rob and Jason! Enjoy!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Ep.41.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse Ep.40

The boys are back with news and more!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Ep.40.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse View and Review-Resevoir Dogs

Mike, Rob and Jason sit down and do a commentary track for Quentin Taratinos Resevoir Dogs

Direct download: View_and_Review-Resevoir_Dogs.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse Ep.39

Welcome back! Mike, Rob and Jason continue with the news format, and a STUNNING ammount of abuse is heaped upon Jason.

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Ep.39.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse Ep.38

Mike, Rob and Jason are back with a news heavy show, talk about Transendence which they all went to go see and compare notes. Then they dive into the DEEP subject of sci-fi movies. Thank you all for taking the time to give our show a listen.

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Ep.38.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse Ep.37

And now we return to our regularly scheduled program! Mike, Rob and Jason return after a month off, recharged and ready to get back at it!  They talk the box office numbers and rapidly fall down the Captain America rabbit hole! The discussion topic this week was pro wrestlers that have gone on to movie roles (for better or worse).  Thank you for downloading the show and we are glad to be back!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Ep.37.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse CK Causeplay Extravganza Pt.4

Pt. 4of4 of the live recording that was held at the CK Causeplay and Gaming Extravaganza! The boys are joined by Evylyn Bryant of the Crow City Roller Girls and all hell breaks loose.

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_CK_Cause_play_pt.4_.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse CK Causeplay Extravaganza Pt.3

Pt. 3of$ of the The Movie Madhouse recorded live at the CK Causeplay event.

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_CK_Causeplay_Pt.3.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse CK Causeplay Extravaganza

Part 2of4 recorded live at the 1st annual CK Causeplay, please enjoy!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_CK_Causeplay_Extraveganza_Pt.2.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:23pm EDT

The Movie Madhouse CK Clauseplay Extravaganza Pt.1

Pt. 1 of 4 of the Movie Madhouse live recording at the first annual CK Causeplay and Gaming Extravaganza! Live guests and background noise galore!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_CK_Causeplay_Extravaganza_Pt.1.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse Ep.36

The boys are back with their spin on this weeks box office numbers and talk about the upcoming movie and Bluray releases. Jason breaks his own record of getting his mic shut off by Rob, and once thats all settled they dive into this weeks discussion topic, Bromances!  Thank you for tuning in and please enjoy the show!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Ep.36.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse Ep.35

Mike, Rob and Jason are back with the box office break down after they check out how well they did with their Oscar picks. The discussions topic was Medieval movies and fantasy movies, the boys tried hard to get their Skype guest online but, alas, it was for naught.

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Ep.35.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:08pm EDT

The Movie Madhouse Ep.34

The boys are back with a confusing opening but get right into the swing of things as they break down the box office numbers.  Also Rob forgot to post anything about the discussion topic of the week claiming near death from the sniffles they just shoot from the hip. Thanks for tuning in!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Ep.34.mp3
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Mike, Rob and Jason talk the box office numbers for the weekend and the new dvd releases coming out.  They then get into their Oscar picks for the upcoming awards season.

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Ep.33.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse Ep.32

Jason, Mike and Rob round up the box office number for the week and then bring the love as they talk romantic movies! Thanks for listening!

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Ep.32.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse Ep.31

Mike, Rob and Jason break down the box office numbers and then barely scratch the surface of our discussion topic 80's movies.

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_ep.31.mp3
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The Movie Madhouse Ep.30

Mike, Rob and Jason are back once again to talk about movie and this week they are joined by two guest hosts, Kristina Garant and Tally Bechard.  This weeks discussion centers around movie musicals.

Direct download: The_Movie_Madhouse_Ep.30.mp3
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