The Movie Madhouse
The Movie Madhouse Ep.74

Mike, Rob and Jason are joined on location by Chris Bullard, owner and operator of Game Masters Emporium and driving force behind the Chatham-Kent Expo! They talk about the upcoming convention and because this was recorded before the Oscars they all get their picks in on who they think will take home the honours.


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The Movie Madhouse-In Conversation with Marilyn Ghigliotti

Mike, Rob and Jason are super exceited about scoring an interview with Marilyn Ghigliotti, Veronica from Clerks! 

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The Movie Madhouse Ep.73

Mike, Rob and Jason are joined this week by Producer/Director Lisa Downs as we talk about her upcoming project, Life After Flash!

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The Movie Madhouse Ep.72

Mike, Rob and Jason give their take on movies and pop culture!

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The Movie Madhouse- View and Review of Oculus

Mike, Rob and Jason sit down and watch and review the movie Oculus.

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