The Movie Madhouse
The Movie Madhouse Ep.102

Mike, Rob and Jason are back again on a kind of low key episode, Rob was feeling a tad under the weather and just couldnt get fired up.

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The Movie Madhouse Ep.101

Now with 100% less technical difficulties! Host of The Indie Lounge tv show, Mandy Del Rio, joins Mike, Rob and Jason to talk all things movie and indie tv show related! MAndy is an excellent wealth of information about how she got her tv show up and running.

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The Movie Madhouse Ep. 100

100 Episodes! They say it couldn't be done but here we are! Mike, Rob and Jason are joined by Tyler Mane! Star of X-Men, Hallowe'en and Compound Fracture, for a live Q&A held at the Chatham-Kent Expo! 

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The Movie Madhouse Ep.99

Our Gretzky episode! Mike, Rob and Jason were to be joined by Mandy Del Rio, host of The Indie Lounge, and by 'were to be' I mean she was on but suffered a major technical snafu that cut our interview off just as it was begining.  But the guys live by the moto "Semper Gumby" Always Flexible. Lots of trailers and some more talk about Shock Stock and the final push for CKX!

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