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Rob has a talk with actor Colin Price about his role in the film Still the Water. They discuss the location as well as intense shoots in the water.

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The Boys are joined again by the stunning Marianthi Evans to list their top ten films based on television shows.

This week incredible actor Marianthi Evans joins The Boys to list their favorite Christmas movies

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This week The Boys sit down with writer/director Michael Pereria to list their top ten horror comedies.

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This week Jason, James and Rob are joined by Jeffrey RD Allen from the band Fighting Grace to list their top ten stoner films.

This week The Boys pay tribute to one of the greatest that left us too soon, Sean Connery.

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Jason, James and Rob are joined by actor/director Brent Baird to discuss the top ten comedies of the 90's.

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This week, the Boys are joined by James's long time friend Greg Bacca to list their top ten comedies starring SNL cast members

Jason, James and Rob are joined by long time friend and pod brother David K. Montoya to list their top ten horror movie sequels.

This week, Jason, James and Rob are joined by Great friend Stefan McDonald-Labelle to this their top ten death scenes.

This week Jason, James and Rob are joined by Film maker Gavin Michael Booth to talk about the top ten movies about suicide to promote the theatrical release of his film Last Call.

This week, in honour of Blood in the Snow 2020, Jason, James and Rob discuss the Top 10 Canadian Horror films, with a list from festival director Kelly Michael Stewart.

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This week James and Rob, with Jason chatting in, talk about the top ten remakes they have seen.

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This week Jason and Rob host a debate about the movie Suicide Squad from 2016 between the Madhouse's James and Black Fawns' C.F. Benner. May the best man win!

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This week Jason, James and Rob are joined by Chris McLeod, radio personality and co-host of "The 3 Beers Podcast" and they run down their top ten baseball movies.

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This week Jason, James and Rob are joined by Black Fawn's C.F. Benner to talk about their top ten villains!

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This week Jason, James and Rob discuss the top 10 films based on a video game franchise.

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In this special episode Rob talks with one of the creators of the 90's band The Killjoys to discuss the rock scene then. They then talk about Mikes new direction in writing and directing film.

Jason, James and Rob are joined this week by Dr. Stevil to talk about the Top Ten comic book movies not including Marvel or DC.

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Jason, James and Rob sit down and discuss their top ten films of the most worked with actor, Kevin Bacon.

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This week the boys are joined by the honourary Madhouse member (for the number of times he's been on lol) Gavin Michael Booth as they list their top ten movies about making movies.

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This week the boys are joined by Stefan MacDonald-Labelle and Mitchell Brhelle and they discuss their 5 favorite and 5 worst Zombie movies.

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This week the boys are joined by Kenny Casanova to list their top ten action movies of the 80's

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Time to break out the fangs! Jason, James and Rob list their top 10 vampire movies!

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This week Jason and Rob are joined by Mike Nauta to count down their top ten Film Noir Films.

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This week, thanks to the topic suggestion by Mike Nauta, the boys tackle listing their top 10 Musicals

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In a special episode Rob sits down again with Gough from Australia to talk about his new project and the beginning of #batsnomore. Gough's work can be found at

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This week Jason, James and Rob go through their lists of Top Ten Vietnam movies, taking comments from the live audience.

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James and Rob discuss their go to movies when a film discussion comes up.

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This week Rob is joined by filmaker's Stefan MacDonald-Labelle and Mitchell Brhelle and they talk about their top ten films of the last 10 years.

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This week Rob is joined by Writer/Producer/Director Stefan MacDonald-Labelle and they discuss 25 films they say are great that bombed at the box office.

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This week the boys talk about Zack Snyder and the amazing news...the release of the Snyder cut!!

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The boys talk about the state of the film industry and how things are changing

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This week a solo Rob is joined by Ed Bratz from the Let Me ask You Something podcast on Facebook and Kenny Casanova from WOHW Publishing and the creator behind the first weekend Virtual Comic Con, Wrestling Bookmarks - Covid Con 2020

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Rob, left all alone, is joined by Dr. Stevil's alter ego, Steve Zmijak. They discuss some quarantine watch lists as well as some great wrestling talk.

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Recorded from a live stream with special guest Jason Seelmann the boys jump into the spy life with the James Bond franchise.

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Recorded while streaming live on Facebook, Jason, James and Rob dive into Fox's X-men Universe.

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Jason, James and Rob gather is a small group to talk about apocalyptic movies, while steering clear of any pandemics in the area.

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This week Jason and James sit down with Rochelle Davis to talk about the cult classic The Crow. This episode also gives fans the chance to own some special and one of a kind items from Rochelle herself by going to her page

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A bonus interview with film maker Russell Rapp.

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James and Jason's lost episode, when the data was not transferred quite like we thought it was! From December! Enjoy!

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A special episode as Rob gets to sit down with Model / actress Dawn Moultroup.

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This week We have a quick interview with Gough all the way from Australia, talking about his new project "How To Treat Women". Then the boys discuss time travel movies. For information on Gough and his projects visit 

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The boys talk all things Medieval with film and talk about the next topic, Time travel!

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Jason and James take the reigns and release themselves upon the public! Tons of films and rabbit holes to be had!

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The boys are joined by film maker Gavin Michael Booth to talk Star Wars and see who the Ultimate Star Wars Trivial Pursuit Champion is.

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Happy New Year! The boys go through the years releases and site the film that meant the most to them. Rob will be having a follow up next week on this as well!

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