The Movie Madhouse

Not being able to hold it in any longer, Jason, James and Rob go through Doctor Strange 2 and list so of the important spots. Spoiler Alert!

Ryan T. Richardson is back to join The Boys as they list their top ten Nicholas Cage films, including Raising Arizona!

LIVE from the GME, The Boys have the first of their monthly gaming nights at The Game Master's Emporium by playing the newly released game Pros with Cons!

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Jason, James and Rob prepare for the coming back show of CKX.

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Mitch and Stefan from the Drag Mitch to Hell podcast join Jason, James and Rob for a classic recasting, Saving Private Ryan.

This week George Morneau, writer of the comic Dream Reapers, joins The Boys to recast the iconic film Riddick.

This week The Boys are joined by Ryan T Richardson of the Go Tell Someone Podcast network to list their top ten Bruce Willis films of all time!

This week The Boys go through their picks and see how close they got to actually getting something right

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The Boys go over their picks for the best of the worst.

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The Boys list their pick for the Oscars. Yes, even Rob

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Messiah Complex Cosplay's Geoff MacDonald talks with The Boys as they list their top ten DC films.

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The Boys sit down with Stefan and Mitch from the podcast Drag Mitch to Hell to recast the iconic Jaws.

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Feeling all mushy and gushy, The Boys decide to list their top ten rom-com's just in time for Valentines day.

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The Boys tackle a classic in the recasting of... The Lost Boys!

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Geoff MacDonald from Messiah Complex Cosplay joins The Boys and they discuss their top ten films from the MCU

The Boys discuss their top ten picks for the films coming out in 2022

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Nuff said.

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The Highs and Lows of Hollywood_ A discussion for Spider-Man: No Way Home and Matrix Resurrections.

Top ten films of 2021

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Top ten non-Christmas Christmas movies

Top ten moments in the Transformer franchise